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Cambridge Audio

Cambridge Audio was founded back in 1968 in the UK.

Initially known for stereo amplifiers and radio tuners, the brand has exploded into the modern era with a host of lifestyle products while still retaining their Hi-Fi lineage.

Cambridge Audio now manufacture loudspeakers, amplifiers, CD players, Digital to Analog converters (DACs), Network Streamers as well as simplified products such as bluetooth speakers, wi-fi speakers and soundbars.

Over the years, Cambridge Audio have developed some fantastic propietary technologies, for example, the BMR Driver featured in their Aero and Aeromax ranges of speakers.

BMR stands for Balanced Mode Radiator.

Unlike a traditional tweeter which crosses over from a mid or mid-bass driver (usually at 2000 – 3000Hz), the BMR Driver covers the entire frequency range from 250Hz all the way up to our limit of hearing, 20kHz.

The reason this is such a great concept is because the frequency range 0f 2000 – 3000Hz falls into our most sensitive region of hearing and our ears are smart enough to hear the transition from the mid/mid-bass driver to the tweeter in a poorly designed speaker.

Within their traditional Hi-Fi components, Cambridge Audio focus on delivering the lowest possible distortion and ruler flat frequency response.

All of their components sound remarkably clean, yet retain a level of musicality that is pleasing to the ears and with the shift now to music streaming, their music streamers are widely considered to be up there with the best within each of their respective pricepoints.

In the past, Cambridge Audio have typically been an advocate for fully analog amplifier designs, however modern requirements have forced them to rethink their design approach.

This rethink resulted in the multi award winning CX Series of components.

Sitting now in the middle of their product lineup, the CX Series delivers outstanding value for money. Both the CXA60 and CXA80 amplifiers feature analog and digital inputs, allowing virtually any device to be connected up for playback.

The CXN network streamer gives you direct access to Spotify, Pandora as well as a number of other music services. It also supports Apple AirPlay and can access music stored on a network device such as a NAS drive or music server.

The CXC is a CD Transport which is designed to perfectly match with the CX Series Amplifiers. It only offers digital outputs, so whatever you connect it to would need to accept digital inputs.

The CXU is a Universal Disc Player. Some may look at it as simply a bluray player, but it can play virtually any disc format including SACD and DVD-Audio. It also has network streaming functionality and while not quite as proficiant as the CXN, it is an excellent one box option.

Here at Hitek Audio Video, we carry a great range of Cambridge Audio product which we have on display and ready to demo, so when you’re ready, come on in and see us!

In the meantime, if you require any further information on Cambridge Audio, please visit their website.




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  • It’s taken me a while to find your business, but it’s been worth the effort!
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Published on: April 7, 2016
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